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Work-related Accidents - CSST

Students in the IMQ’s Navigation and Marine Engineering programs who have qualified for sea training are covered by the Québec government’s industrial health and safety board (Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail - CSST).

This coverage applies under the following conditions:

  • the student has a permanent residence in Québec;
  • the student was placed in the company by the IMQ Sea Training Coordinator, who approved the sea training;
  • the student’s signing on has been confirmed and entered in the College’s information system;

the student is on board as an apprentice officer and does not receive wages for the duties performed (monthly allowances and scholarships are not considered wages).

Among other things, this coverage includes:

  • repatriation, even if the ship is abroad. The company must pay for transportation from the ship to the nearest hospital. The CSST pays the remaining travel costs;
  • any cost related to an accident that occurs during travel related to signing on;
  • any cost related to an accident that occurs on board during normal sea training/shipboard activities.

College’s Liability Insurance

The general liability insurance set up for CEGEP programs covers insured students for all activities organized by the CEGEP on-site or off-site (in Quebec and all over the world), including sea training.

This insurance applies in cases of negligence or fault on the part of the insured–in this case, the apprentice officer–and coverage is limited to compensatory damages. Compensation is paid according to the percentage of liability.

General liability insurance is not accident insurance and does not apply if apprentice officers are injured during an activity through no proven fault or negligence of their own.

Personal Insurance - Health/Accident

Apprentice officers on sea training must have personal health/accident insurance in case an accident occurs on land while the ship is docked and to cover any expenses related to hospitalization in case of illness. They must provide proof of this insurance for their sea training file.

While in Canadian waters, apprentice officers are protected by Québec’s health insurance program - provincial insurance that covers all Québec residents. However, they are encouraged to have personal health insurance because not all costs are covered in full if the health care is provided in another province.

Reference: Services covered during a temporary stay outside Québec  (consulted in December 2013)