The Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ) is proud to celebrate 75 years of history

Formerly known as the Rimouski Marine School, IMQ was inaugurated on May 24, 1944. In 1958, the Rimouski Marine School became the Institut maritime du Québec.

Recognized for its leadership, IMQ is the largest francophone maritime training establishment in Canada. It provides training and development to the workforce in five areas of specialization: Naval Architecture, Navigation, Marine Mechanical Engineering, Professional Diving and Transportation Logistics. To fulfill its mission of supporting the marine industry, IMQ also offers a Continuing Education Service through its Emergency Training Center (CFMU) and its Professional Dive Training Center (CFPP). IMQ also works closely with Innovation Maritime (IMAR), its applied research center in marine technologies.

Boats at sea initiative

As part of its 75th anniversary, 75 students will launch a boat at sea during the year 2019 to highlight the deployment of its cadets around the world and the local, national and international presence of IMQ. The launch coordinates of each boat will be listed according to its starting point as well as the place where it will be discovered by citizens of the world. Thus, just like our students, these small boats will sail oceans, seas, lakes and rivers in search of adventure.

You found one of our boat ?

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Our boats are travelling with....

 # CompanyBoatLast NameFirst Name
1 Océanex Oceanex Avalon Morneau-Hébert Rachel
2 Océanex Sanderling Gratton Charles-Edouard
3 CSL International CSL Metis Perreault Jérôme
4 CSL International CSL Tarantau Desgagnés Simon
5 CTMA Madeleine Renaud-Chiasson Dominique
6 Desgagnés International Rosaire A. Desgagnés Prévost Bryan
7 Desgagnés International Claude A. Desgagnés Marsh Hubert
8 Desgagnés International Sedna Desgagnés Rouleau Albert
9 Desgagnés International Taïga Desgagnés Frenet Louis-Philippe
10 Desgagnés International Zelada Desgagnés Dufour Thomas-Charles
11 Euronav Cap Charles L'Ecuyer Francis
12 Euronav Cap Corpus Christi Garneau-Bilodeau Gabriel
13 Fednav Federal Ems Durocher-Bergeron Ismaël
14 Fednav Vessel to be confirmed Lajoie Samuel
15 Fednav Federal Clyde Auger Marc-André
16 Fednav Federa Hunter Thériault Jérôme
17 Marlow Asian Sun Verret Pierre-Luc
18 Marlow Skogafoss Noël Philippe
19 Océanex Oceanex Connaigra Cabanac Lassonde Bastien
20 RCCL Harmony of the Seas Caron Jacob
21 RCCL Symphony of the Seas Drapeau Hubert
22 Canship Gerd Knutsen Messaoudi Abderrahim
23 Canship Umiak Lapointe Daniel
24 Algoma Algoscotia Morin Charles-Etienne
25 Angloeastern Arctic Bouchard Félix-André
26 CSL CSL Tacoma Régnier Gabriel
27 Desgagnés Sarah Desgagnés Roy Jean-Thomas
28 Spliethoff Mitiq Gosswiller-Chartrand Thomas
29 Spliethoff Mitiq Gravel Carl
30 Rigel Jana Desgagnés Petrov Orlin Orlinov
31 STQ F.-A.-Gauthier Proulx Samuel
32 Desgagnés International Lamarre Alexandre
33 Desgagnés International Claude A. Desgagnés Gosselin William
34 CSL Vessel to be confirmed Nzeki Joseph Merlin


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